PODCAST | UAB School of Nursing | WellNURSE - Moral Injury with Dr. Wendy Dean

June 3, 2024

Grantee UAB School of Nursing was joined by WCC Team's Dr. Wendy Dean. An alum of Smith College and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dr. Dean has an extensive background in surgery and psychiatry, bolstered by her groundbreaking work in regenerative medicine with the US Army, where she managed research funding and guided strategy for major investments in hand and face transplants. Currently, Dr. Dean is dedicated to enhancing healthcare for both patients and healthcare workers through her nonprofit work and by supporting new talents and ventures. In this episode, Dr. Dean delves into the crucial topic of moral injury, exploring how to recognize it and its profound impact on healthcare professionals, offering insightful strategies to address this pressing issue.

For more information on Dr. Wendy Dean: https://wendydeanmd.com/

Moral Injury of Healthcare: https://www.fixmoralinjury.org/

Moral Matters Podcast: https://www.fixmoralinjury.org/podcast

If I Betray These Words (Book): https://www.fixmoralinjury.org/book

Contact UAB School of Nursing: wecare@uabmc.edu

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