The EHR is a driver of burnout. That’s why IT must be at the table.

February 13, 2024

The Southeast Permanente Medical Group (TSPMG) in Atlanta has seen a notable improvement in well-being since the start of burnout measurement in 2021, with the burnout rate dropping from 48% in 2022 to an encouraging 43% in 2023—significantly lower than the nationwide burnout rate of 53% reported by the AMA Organizational Biopsy® The achievement underscores TSPMG's commitment to addressing and alleviating the challenges associated with burnout within its clinicians and staff.

Bringing IT to the table really began with TSPMG’s previous work to improve operational inefficiencies with its “Pebbles in the Shoe” campaign. This effort set out to identify and reduce inefficiencies and documentation burdens by offering a three-week challenge period for clinicians and staff to submit ideas - “pebbles” - for improving efficiencies. From there, teams work behind-the-scenes to address these issues throughout the year.

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