WCC Podcast

WCC Podcast- Launched 5/1/2024

The US health workforce is in distress. Burnout and moral injury are on the rise, and the consequences for practitioners and patients are devastating. We need to fix it.

The Workplace Change Collaborative Podcast explores the drivers and consequences of burnout and moral injury amongst health workers, and identifies practical strategies to improve their well-being. The podcast series is available on Apple, Audible, iHeart Radio and Spotify.

In this limited six-part series, host Wendy Dean, MD guides us through the many topics the Workplace Change Collaborative addresses including:

  • Why burnout and moral injury are getting the attention of the US government, and why all of us should care about the well-being of our health workers
  • The impact of burnout and moral injury on health workers and those they serve
  • How we can empower this vital workforce
  • How we can create change on an organizational level and empower leaders in those spaces
  • Ways that everyone – patient, health worker, or policy maker - can advocate for change
  • What we have learned since the project began, and what we see in the field moving forward.

To learn more about moral injury, burnout, and what to do about both, access our interactive framework. The WCC Podcast is produced by Jill Ruby.

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